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CSI-Jewett Science

An Integrated Approach To Body Handling Systems

Every piece of CSI/Jewett equipment is designed with you in mind. Through years of working with pathologist and medical architects, CSI/Jewett has developed the most effective techniques to facilitate body handling, maximize space utilization and enhance work flow. Every piece of Jewett equipment works in combination with other Jewett equipment - tables, sinks, lifters, storage racks, refrigerators and accessories - to reduce body handling and improve your productivity. Our expertise and intelligent engineering can produce dramatic savings in cost and time investments to ensure that your system meets your needs today as well as allows for future growth.


CSI/Jewett's polished, seamless, stainless steel fabrication facilitates cleaning and reduces bacteria growth for better control of infection and contamination. CSI/Jewett carts, lifters, and storage facilities are designed to work together. They are easy to control and manipulate for greater speed and efficiency in handling. All equipment is designed to increase efficiency within limited space and to eliminate unnecessary lifting of cadavers.


CSI/Jewett manufactures a complete line of standard autopsy equipment plus a wide range of optional accessories to meet your individual needs. Our engineers will gladly customize our equipment to your exact specifications. Our Morgue Autopsy Planning (MAP) service will help you design or remodel a complete morgue facility, with specifications on every piece of equipment.

Continuous Product Improvement Program

As we strive to meet the needs of our customers, CSI/Jewett engineering maintains a Continuous Product-Improvement program. Product designs and specifications included on this website are subject to change without notice.

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