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About CSI-Jewett

For more than 150 years, CSI/Jewett craftsmen have fashioned raw materials into durable and sanitary equipment on the leading edge of technology. The extensive line of CSI/Jewett morgue, autopsy and laboratory equipment has developed through years of close partnerships with pathologists and architects alike.

As a result, CSI/Jewett provides an integrated system of equipment to enhance work flow, improve space utilization and maximize the efficiency and ease of cadaver handling. Whether you need fast and efficient high-volume processing, or a customized traditional installation, CSI/Jewett has the best equipment and technical support to meet your needs and improve your overall productivity.

Stainless Steel Equipment

CSI/Jewett has been a leading manufacturer of standard and customized equipment for hospitals, laboratories, medical and veterinary schools, morgues and mortuaries. CSI/Jewett's metal forming expertise combines with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and fine hand craftsmanship to produce stainless steel equipment to the exacting quality standards, structural integrity and cleanliness required to wear the Jewett name.

Our 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility uses the latest in stainless steel fabrication techniques. Our modern equipment includes computerized punches and press brakes, the latest in machine grinding, hand welding and polishing equipment. CSI/Jewett has built its reputation on painstaking craftsmanship and exacting quality. That's why CSI/Jewett has more equipment and total system installations in use in the United States and throughout the world today.

"CSI/Jewett's stainless steel equipment is crafted without crevices or open seams to collect dirt or bacteria."

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