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Wall Mounted Autopsy Sinks

CSI/Jewett's SR1910 Series autopsy sinks provides a versatile sink to accompany a mobile autopsy table for your autopsy procedure and is available with double (SR1910-30) or single (SR1910-31L/R) allowing for left or right handed use.

Choose from a variety of mobile autopsy tables and accessories to complete the full autopsy work center. The exclusive CSI/Jewett cart-latching system operates from either side of the sink to secure a mobile table to the dissecting sink. Unlike clamp systems, this positive-latch system will not loosen or need adjustment. Designed to be wall mounted on concealed cantilever support arms, the open construction allows the procedure area to be easily cleaned and sanitized.

The SR1910 Series offers many of the same heavy-duty stainless steel construction and other design features standard with other CSI/Jewett dissecting sinks to provide superior strength, sanitation and durability. Like all CSI/Jewett sinks it is manufactured without crevices, lapped edges, rivets, bolts or other fastening devices so that work surfaces remain smooth and prevent accumulation of bacteria. Welded sanitary Type 304 stainless steel construction with large radius inside corners and 3/4" radius rolled edge provides superior strength to the table top and inhibits the collection of fluid or debris on the underside of the table and promotes easy cleanup.

Download the desired technical information for the models listed below.
SR1910-31 SINGLE
SR1910-30 DOUBLE
SR1910-31L Single Work Station Autopsy Sink (Left)
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SR1910-31R Single Work Station Autopsy Sink (Right)
SpecsDrawingApprovalChair Carrier

Dissecting Sink
Dissecting Sink
Autopsy and Work Sink
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